Care & Repair of Your Enamels

Basic Care:

Enamels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but avoid getting the gold/brass rims wet. The enamel and rims can be/should be polished with a piece of flannel or a Halcyon Days Enamels Care Cloth. Vigorous rubbing of tarnished rims with this cloth can make a big difference. Never use any kind of brass/gold/silver polish on the rims.

Glue from price stickers can be removed safely, without damage to the enamel, with nail polish remover or acetone and a cotton pad. Nail polisher remover should be wiped off with damp cloth once glue is removed. Dry enamel thoroughly. However, avoid using polisher remover or acetone on personalized writings/signatures done at an artist signing - this will remove the signature!! Another good solution for removing the price sticker glue is a great product called "Goo Gone". It is an orange-based product and works great. It's also less unnerving than using nail polish remover! I've purchased it at both Bed, Bath & Beyond and also Linens 'n Things but I suspect you could find it any home store, like Lowe's or Home Depot with the cleaning products.

Note: In addition to taking care of your enamels, do yourself and future collectors a big favor and KEEP your original presentation boxes and certificates, especially those dated or limited edition certificates. Having these is a BIG deal to a lot of collectors and can affect the future value of your collection.

Repair of separated rims/enamel:

Carefully clean any excess glue from the enamel and the rim. Glue can be cleaned off of the enamel with nail polish remover or acetone. Glue from inside of the rim should be carefully chipped away with a small tool, like an eye glass screwdriver. When both pieces are cleaned as much as possible, you can reglue the rim to the enamel with any glue similar to Elmer's glue or glue gel. Do not use any type of "Super glue" as that will leave a white residue and is almost impossible to take apart again, if a mistake is made! Once the rim is seated, wipe away excess glue while pressing down on the rim to avoid loosening it. I suggest closing the box once you've finished gluing it to make sure rim is seated properly. Let dry overnight or for several hours. If the rim comes off when you open the box, you didn't allow the glue to dry completely or you applied an insufficient amount. Once the repair is complete, wipe away any remaining glue with slightly damp cloth. Dry completely to avoid any possible tarnishing of the rim. One good thing about Elmer's glue is that is can be removed with water if you need to start over, however, once again, dry the rim completely!

If you have doubts about doing this yourself, the item can be sent to us for repair/regluing at a minimal fee.

Enamel Repair:

Unfortunately, we have not yet found an enamel restorer here in the States but the following individual has been recommended by Halcyon Days Enamels shop in London:Ms 

Louise Gooch*
Studio 5 
Jubilee Stores
Newport Harbour 
Isle of Wight
PO30 2ED 
Cell phone: 0775 9486853

If anyone knows of someone in the U.S. that does this sort of work, we would all appreciate it if you could let us know and we will post an update here as well.

Music Box Repair:

Often it is simply a matter of oiling the works and cleaning out any dust. I have used a watchmaker in the past to repair music boxes. I am also contacting several music box repair services and will post additional information as soon as I find someone who is reasonably priced.

*Disclaimer: We have not used Ms. Gooch for repairs ourselves so their inclusion here is not an endorsement but simply an offering of potentially useful information.