Dating Your Pieces/Guide to Basestamps

Without having every Halcyon Days Enamels catalog ever produced on hand (I wish!), it is almost impossible to accurately date your enamels unless you bought them new (or if a box was released in 1995 or 2000*). However, you can often put at least a timeframe to them by the logo or "basestamp" used. Below is an example of each basestamp used by Halcyon Days Enamels since their inception in 1970:


1970-1973 (Special overseas editions)

1980-1999 (except 1995, see below)

1983 onwards (Collector Circle pieces - special limited editions)

 *1995 pieces only**

1999-2002 (used in conjunction with regular HDE logo; only had Neiman Marcus logo if purchased through 
their store.)

**2000 only**

2001 - 2011

2012-2013 (overlapping with logo below) 

    2013 - onwards

Bonbonnieres (not sure of timeframe used)

This is in no way a comprehensive list as many special edition pieces had their own special markings. I have also found some which simply say "Bilston Enamel" with and without an HDE basestamp.