University of Virginia Pavilion VIII (Lawn Society)

University of Virginia Pavilion VIII (Lawn Society)

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The ten "Pavilions" (numbered I through X) of the University of Virginia are part of the Academical Village at the University of Virginia, which is commonly/in large part attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Together with Monticello, they are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To this day, the "Pavilions" are, with one exception, inhabited by professors of the University of Virginia.

Produced at the behest of The Lawn Society, a premier group of donors whose generosity has benefited the University in significant ways. Inscribed inside the lid: "PAVILION VIII Designed wit the recessed entryway of an Italian loggia, this Pavilion was the first restored to Jefferson's original plan featuring classrooms on the first floor and living space above." The University of Virginia logo can found inside the base of this box.  Marked "Lawn Society" on the base/bottom of the box.  

2.75 x 1" tall oval hinged box. In excellent condition in its original navy velvet-lined presentation case.

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